Modi government proposes to cut IAS training period from 103 weeks to 75 weeks

The Times of India, November 14, 2014
By Bharti Jain

The Narendra Modi government proposes to cut the duration of induction training for IAS officers from the existing 103 weeks to just 75 weeks. Based on recommendations of the Kiran Agarwal committee, the move aims to restrict IAS professional course (phase 1 and 2) by 7 weeks, academic instruction by 4 weeks and district training by a whole 21 weeks.

The implementation of the proposal will require an amendent to IAS (Probation) Rules, 1954.

The department of personnel and training (DoPT) on Friday sought the comments and views of all states and Union territories on the proposed revised induction training schedule for IAS officers. In a communication to the state chief secretaries, the DoPT asked them to send in their responses latest by November 30. “If no reply is received by the stipulated date in the department, it will be presumed that the state governments have no objection to the proposed amendment,” said the DoPT.

As per the recommendations of the Kiran Agarwal committee, the duration of the foundation course, BPST attachment and block leave may be left unchanged at 15 weeks, 1 week and 1 week respectively. However, IAS professional course (phase 1) is proposed to be restricted to 21 weeks, as against the current duration of 26 weeks. The Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy for Administration, Mussoorie, (LBSNAA), however, has proposed a 22-week duration for this.

The academic instruction too is proposed to be completed in 12 weeks by Kiran Agarwal panel, as against the current 16-week duration and 14-week proposal of LBSNAA.

The Kiran Agarwal panel wants study tour to last 7 weeks instead of the stipulated 8 weeks, though LBSNAA has proposed it at a shorter six weeks.

The largest cut is proposed by the Kiran Agarwal panel in the district training schedule, from the existing 54 weeks to just 33 weeks. The LBSNAA however proposes a 40-week duration for district training of IAS officers.

The last leg of induction training, or IAS professional course (phase 2), is proposed by the Kiran Agarwal panel at 6 weeks, which is in agreement with the LBSNAA proposal, instead of the current duration of 8 weeks.

Overall, the induction training duration for IAS officers is proposed to be cut from the current 103 weeks to 75 weeks by the Kiran Agarwal panel and to 84 weeks by the LBSNAA.

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