India has made itself complex for doing business

April 01, 2016

NITI Aayog CEO and Architect of Make in India programme Amitabh Kant stated a slightly controversial statement by saying that India has made itself complex for doing business by adding too much rules and regulations which should be dismantled now.

Addressing the conference on “National Seminar on Governance Reforms for Make in India, Rural Infrastructure and Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives” organised by CUTS international and India Policy Foundation, he said, “We need to dismantle rules and regulations to make India a place for business.”

He said that the existing procurement laws in the country can’t help much to make things easier.

He asserted that there is a need to create a climate to make India cost competitive in the world.

“No country can grow only with the help of domestic market,” he pointed adding that exports are the only one way one can grow and there is a need to be strategic to generate employment opportunities in the export sector.

The NITI Aayog Chief, who was earlier the DIPP Secretary, said that India is among the world’s worst countries in terms of implementing things.

There is a need to understand that why the world is looking towards Bangladesh and Vietnam, he pointed.

For industrial development, industries need to grow with the rate of 14-15 per cent.

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