Centre seeks States’ response on service rules

The Hindu, January 03, 2015
The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has sought comments from the State governments on the proposed changes to the All India Services (Discipline & Appeal) Rules. The changes are being brought to expedite and strengthen the decision-making process.

Advising through yet another reminder that the issue be accorded top priority, the DoPT has asked the States to communicate their views/comments on the proposed amendments by January 7. “If no reply is received by the stipulated date in the department, it will be presumed that the State government has no objection to the proposed amendment,” the DoPT letter to Chief Secretaries of States states.

The government proposed that every order of suspension and every order of revocation should be made in the stipulated standard form and the reasons for every such order should be communicated to the appointing and lending authorities through confidential letters along with the order.

“As soon as a member of the Service is placed under suspension or is deemed to have been placed under suspension, the information in this regard may be communicated to the Government of India by the fastest means immediately,” the proposed Rule 3(10) provision states.

While the States would have to forward a detailed report on the suspension order to the Centre within 15 days, the authority concerned would be required to forward a copy of the order with its comments and relevant records to the appellate authority within one week of the receipt by the State government, and without waiting for any direction from the Centre.

“If the original appeal along with the comments of the State government is not received by the Central government within the stipulated period, the Central government would take a decision on the advance copy of the appeal received by them,” the proposed Rule 18(4) said.

The Centre “may at any time, either on its own motion or otherwise, review any order passed under these rules, if there are reasons to believe and to be recorded in writing that injustice is being meted out to a member of Service.”

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