Biometrics makes babus spend more time in office

Digital Solutionss, January 03, 2015

Introduction of the Aadhaar-enabled biometric attendance marking for close to 50,000 central government employees has seen the “presence time” in offices going up by an average of 20 minutes daily.
In the three months since the system began functioning, the average gain per employee of 20 minutes a day works out to an additional workforce of almost 1,900 employees every day, said official sources.
Around 47,000 employees are using the biometric system and officials calculate that there has been a gain of 16,000 man hours that means an average of eight and a half hours per working day.
The average “in time” of 9.28am and the “out time” was 5.46pm and it is expected that the average presence time will increase another 15-20 minutes a day when marking attendance becomes mandatory.
On January 1, 31% of staff showed up before the office start time of 9am and 56% marked themselves present between 9 and 10 am. Some 5% marked attendance after 11am.
At present a total of 382 organizations are part of the biometric attendance system that will be introduced throughout central government offices. The data analysis is expected to yield insights into work patterns and the scope for introducing flexible timings.
At present no option of flexible time is available to government employees unlike in the private sector. Flexible timing can help employees achieve a better work-life balance.
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